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Sander L. Miller, Esq. is the managing attorney of Miller Law.  He has been directly involved with Florida divorce, paternity and other family law matters since 2007; first as a paralegal, then as a lawyer after he was sworn into the Florida Bar.  He attended law school at the Shepherd Broad Law Center at Nova Southeastern University in Broward County, Florida.  While attending law school, he clerked for two Circuit Court Judges in Broward County, Florida; The Honorable Thomas M. Lynch, IV (felony criminal division, then transferred to circuit civil division), and the Honorable Mel Grossman (head of probate division)…both long time members of the bench (25+ years) and highly respected in the South Florida legal community.  Mr. Miller learned invaluable lessons while working behind the scenes; seeing how things really get done and how decisions are actually made.  He understands the inner workings of Florida’s legal system.

While he has had exposure to many areas of law and knows how to handle a variety of legal matters, Mr. Miller is particularly adept at analyzing Florida family law cases; especially those involving minor children and significant assets, such as Florida dissolution of marriage, paternity, child support and/or modification cases.  After analyzing the situation, Mr. Miller explains to the client what they’re situation is and what their rights and responsibilities are.  They then discuss the client’s objectives and goals and, most importantly, how realistic those objectives and goals are.  He does not sell people on pipe dreams.  He helps find strategies to deliver a successful outcome for the client while minimizing risk along the way.

At Miller Law we are result based and always look at the big picture.  As that comes into focus, coupled with a client’s reasonable desires, a strategy can be formulated.  Critical to this process is the ability to quickly discern new information as it is received, reconcile it to the set of existing facts, and, if necessary, shift strategies on the fly.

First and foremost, Mr. Miller listens intently to what the client has to say.  What brings this person to our offices?  What is important to them?  What results are they looking for?  What does the client perceive his or her rights or obligations to be?  Mr. Miller will ask direct and probing questions to analyze the matter so proper guidance can be made.  Sometimes Mr. Miller will even role play as the spouse’s lawyer and will cross examine the individual.  While this may be uncomfortable for the individual, it is a necessary and critical part of the process.  Mr. Miller is able to size up how effective the client will be as a witness should they be called to the stand; he will be able to identify the weak spots of a case and strategize a better course of action moving forward.  At the end of the day, Mr. Miller would rather have his client be uncomfortable answering questions in a room alone with him than while sitting at a deposition table with a court reporter or on the witness stand in front of a judge.  This is part of the process.

To effectively represent a client in a Florida family law, Florida dissolution of marriage or Florida paternity case, having a full understanding of the facts is always a starting point.  Being able to efficiently draw relevant facts out of clients so proper analysis of the applicable Florida law and claims can be made is Mr. Miller’s strength.  No two cases are alike and an independent evaluation of relative strengths and weaknesses of a case needs to be made up front.  This evaluation process continues as cases progress and as new information comes to light, as oftentimes is the case, the client’s position is reevaluated and important decisions made.

Lisa Kaufman has been hands on assisting clients for over 30 years.  As office manager she is keenly aware of each client and where the client is in the process.  When the Miller lawyers are in court, Lisa would be the point of contact between the client and office.  The clients love her, as do judges and court staff.  She’s the nice one, everybody agrees.

Of Counsel:

Jeff Miller, Esq. has almost 40 years of courtroom experience and was admitted to practice law before the Supreme Court of Florida in 1980.  He has made his living in trial courts, both federal and state, in Florida and around the country, since.  He worked in the chambers of 2 United States District Judges and learned, firsthand, the inner workings of the federal court system and how important decisions are made and cases resolved.

As a young lawyer he tried complex criminal cases, including multi-defendant criminal conspiracies, smuggling, mail and wire fraud, racketeering, tax fraud and civil matters, including fraud in the inducement, breaches of contract, breach of bailment, will contests and a wide variety of other cases.  Jeff understands the process.  He understands how cases are brought, analyzed, filed, discovered, prosecuted, settled and tried to a jury or court.  Jeff has spent a lifetime in court and knows that a client most often is better off staying out of that arena.

That said, his years of hard-core courtroom experience, including hundreds of family law contested matters, gives him the ability to guide a client towards resolution.  Knowing which cases to settle and when an issue is ripe for a courtroom battle is invaluable to our clients.  Court is emotionally taxing for the uninitiated and inexperienced and can be expensive.  Most Florida family law and Florida dissolution of marriage and paternity cases resolve without the need for a trial.  Figuring out the best way to get from here to a resolution is Jeff’s strength.  In those cases where there is no choice but to fight, Jeff has the tools and is always ready.  Results speak volumes about Jeff Miller and he is a results based lawyer.

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