Can You Get Divorced In Florida?

Every now and then we’ll have someone call us asking about handling their Florida divorce.  When we ask where they live, they’ll tell us Georgia or someplace other than Florida.  Okay, we think, what about the spouse?  Is she currently living in Florida?  Negative.  She’s in Ohio. Learn More…

What happens if someone disobeys a court order or judgment?

A valid order entered in a divorce case or judgment of dissolution of marriage should be abided by all parties.  Clients and potential clients come in complaining that the husband or former husband is not paying his alimony or child support obligation or that the wife or former wife is not allowing him time sharing with the children.  You can only imagine how people find ways to torture one another.  Sometimes there is a legitimate reason.  Oftentimes, not.  Learn More…



Which Florida county should your Florida divorce be filed in?

All divorce cases in Florida must be filed in a circuit court and ultimately only a Florida circuit judge has the authority to enter a final judgment of dissolution of marriage (or a county judge acting with special authority). Learn More…

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