Military Divorce

Getting divorced without having a good lawyer is hard enough…doing so while serving your country can be virtually impossible.

Miller Law Firm will guide you through the Florida divorce or paternity process, explain your rights and responsibilities to you under Florida law, advise you on your best course(s) of action, and help you feel more comfortable knowing you have the right lawyers fighting for you while you’re fighting for us.

Miller Law Firm handles military divorce and paternity cases all over Florida and has experience representing members from all branches of the military; from your local recruiter to individuals deployed overseas.  The basics of a divorce are the same whether you’re in the military or not, however, a number of specialized issues may appear in divorce cases.  Some of these issues include contesting subject matter jurisdiction and/or personal jurisdiction, seeking a stay of proceedings under the Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Civil Relief Act, determining whether you or your spouse will be electing to receive VA benefits, and properly calculating each parties interest in the military retirement, just to name a few.  Miller Law Firm has represented hundreds of active and retired military members from around the world in all types of divorce and paternity cases.  Miller Law Firm is able to draw on that experience in helping you navigate your Florida military divorce or paternity case.  The motto we have on our wall is borrowed from one of America’s finest commanders-in-chief…

“Walk softly and carry a big stick.”
President Theodore Roosevelt

We treat our service men and women with the level of respect they have earned.  We take pride in being able to protect your interests at home while you are fighting to protect ours.

Let us serve you.

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